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Dumped Milk Collection

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Note, all standard litre prices are those quoted by www.milkprices.com and are based on the following:
The liquid standard litre 4% bf, 3.3% protein, 30,000/ml Bactoscans, 200,000/ml SCC, 1 million litres a year on EODC but before seasonality, monthly profile payments, balancing, B price additions, capital retentions or annual incentive schemes. The manufacturing standard litre is to exactly the same specification with the exception of 4.2%bf and 3.4% protein.

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Wyke Farms to Stand on/hold it’s supplier price for November

This is one of the final November Milk Price announcements and results in a standard litre manufacturing price of 26.91ppl and based on a liquid standard litre 26ppl.

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Barbers (Cheese) to stand on/hold its supplier price for December

This maintains Barbers standard manufacturing litre price at 27.79ppl and based on a liquid standard of 26.8ppl

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Glanbia (Cheese) to stand on/hold its supplier milk price until at least January 2020

This maintains Glanbia’s standard manufacturing litre price at 27ppl and based on a standard liquid litre 26.1ppl.

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Belton Farm (Cheese) to stand on/hold its supplier price for December

This maintains Belton’s standard manufacturing litre price at 27ppl and based on a liquid standard litre of 26.25ppl.

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Crediton Dairy (Liquid) to stand on/hold its supplier price for December

This maintains Crediton’s standard liquid litre price at 28.5ppl.

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GDT Auction bounces up by 3.7%

Todays Global Dairy Trade auction saw prices increase by 3.7% to average US $3446 tonne compared to only 2 weeks ago. Notable price movements were: SMP + 6.7% to average $2924 WMP + 3.6% to average $3254

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Freshways & Medina Merger/Amalgamation

Ian has attempted to speak with one of the Directors to clarify the detail behind the deal without success. From information received a deal has been agreed and according to one of our wholesale readers, let’s call him Mr Smith from North London the name of the merged business will be M & F Dairies. According to Mr Smith the abbreviation has been translated by customers uncharitably to Mother Fu--er Dairies.

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Muller solution to Scottish milk output (25%) surge is painful but many feared deeper surgery

Muller’s October review into rocketing Scottish milk output from its 230 supplying farmers has concluded. Disappointingly 14 farmers in Aberdeen have been given 12 months notice to find a new milk purchaser with the likelihood they would be allowed to leave earlier if they can secure a new home for their milk. In addition a tiered transport charged will be introduced from February 2020 involving all Muller farmers (216 post November 1st 2020) and includes aligned and non aligned producers.

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Do the Muller numbers stand up to scrutiny

Several Muller farmers were quick to contact Ian raising questions about the Muller Scotland production figures and their proposed remedies. AHDB issued a Scottish milk surplus update last Tuesday confirming that “Milk Collections of farms in Scotland are estimated at 1,478 million litres in 2018/19 an increase of 55 million litres (+4%) compared with 2014/15”.

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Remember Muller’s Willy Waving?

Finally remember the press release dated 27th February 2013 when Muller “signalled its intention to be the UK’s largest and most successful dairy company” which at the time Ian mischievously labelled as willy waving. In that release New Muller Suppliers were offered a 1ppl recruitment incentive based on all volume produced in a year 1in addition to the 30.5ppl standard litre price.

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Campbeltown/Mull of Kintyre creamery to close after almost 100 years

After 18 months of trying to sell its Campbeltown Creamery, First Milk have had to admit defeat and have on Friday (1st Nov) entered into the required consultation period with 14 employees. The last hope for a sale as a going concern lay with what turned out to be a successful crowd funding bid from the 29 local supplying dairy famers. Sadly when the commercials were crunched it simply wasn’t even close to looking like it would be a viable sustainable business to preserve & continue.

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Arla to hold its Member conventional Milk Price for a 10th consecutive month

Arla has today confirmed a stand on member milk price for a 10th consecutive month starting 1st of November at 30.19ppl based on a manufacturing standard litre and 29.02ppl (liquid standard litre). Arla’s UK organic members will see a 0.91ppl (1 euro cent) reduction to 40.22ppl based on a manufacturing standard litre and 38.66ppl (liquid standard litre). UK organic milk sales have declined for a number of reasons in 2019 which is a concern.

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