About Ian Potter Marketing Services Ltd

In 1984 the dairy industry was turned upside down by the imposition of the milk quota regime.  In 1986 potato quota became tradable, 9 years later sheep quotas and then suckler cow quotas were introduced and Single Farm Payment Entitlements were introduced in 2005.

Over that time, one name consistently headed the field in providing the very best market intelligence, knowledge, expertise, customer service and the most transparent and up to date prices in the market place. That name is Ian Potter Associates – which was the only truly dedicated quota and entitlement trading business in the UK.

Initially specialising entirely in agricultural quotas, Ian Potter Associates began life in 1986 and has become the UK and Europe’s leading broker.

Quite simply, if you are in the market to buy, sell or lease entitlements (Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements) or simply want advice on trading or on the increasingly complex regulations, then you need to associate yourself with Ian Potter Associates.

Whatever your requirements, we will help you with the answers, help you to decide what is right for your business and find you the right deal for your business.

Ian Potter Marketing Services offers farmers unparalleled access to up-to-the-minute trading information - either over the phone, by e-mail, or via its free weekly dairy bulletin. This enables you to keep abreast of movements in prices and helps you gauge the best time to move into the market.

No deal is too large or too small and our speed of service and technical efficiency is unrivalled in the market place. A customer service analysis of 5,756 farmers carried out throughout 2004 & 2005 indicated that 99.7% of farmers were very happy with the service we provided. The same percentage said they would recommend Ian Potter Marketing Services to others. Some 98.4% of farmers thought that Ian Potter Marketing Services sales staff had an excellent knowledge of the market.

Logistically, anyone wanting to buy entitlements has their requirements quickly and efficiently matched against computer records of farmers who wish to sell. To assist in this a private sales register is held, which is continually updated to display all available trades. Potential purchasers are updated regularly on this information.

When the right deal has been sourced and agreed, it is completed cost-effectively and openly, without any hidden costs. Those selling pay the commission. Details of both parties to the transaction are contained on each contract invoice to ensure transparency as are our fees.

With the sale of Entitlements there is no requirement for written contracts.  All contracts are concluded over a recorded telephone call, which creates a legally binding contract.

All contracts and relevant documents are prepared by highly trained office staff, which cuts out the frequent delays reported when paperwork is issued through a third party. A member of the Ian Potter team will liaise with you throughout the transaction, ensuring smooth and trouble-free completion.

Payments from purchasers are placed in a designated Client Account, which protects all parties concerned and ensures the seller receives payment immediately the transfer is approved and the transfer is registered in the name of the purchaser. In the unlikely event that the transfer does not take place the purchaser’s money is protected and is immediately returned, together any with interest. Details are contained in our Term of Business.

With the company's objective to keep everything as simple as possible - a difficult task with certain aspects of Entitlement trading – our terms of business are written by solicitors in easy-to-understand words, which fully comply with EU regulations at all times.

Away from the farm gate, it should also be remembered that the Entitlements market can be fast moving and continually under review by politicians and legislators. It is vital therefore, that the broker you choose to handle your trade stays in constant touch with the dynamic environment that surrounds it.

Those of our clients who have known us for some time have come to value our knowledge, our skill, our experience and the quality of service we offer. We, in turn, value their business - recognising that our clients are our future.

Therefore, next time you want to move into the Entitlement market, pick up the phone and give us a call, or e-mail us. There's no obligation, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. We look forward to hearing from you, and to you becoming fully associated with Ian Potter Marketing Services.