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Note, all standard litre prices are those quoted by www.milkprices.com and are based on the following:
The liquid standard litre 4% bf, 3.3% protein, 30,000/ml Bactoscans, 200,000/ml SCC, 1 million litres a year on EODC but before seasonality, monthly profile payments, balancing, B price additions, capital retentions or annual incentive schemes. The manufacturing standard litre is to exactly the same specification with the exception of 4.2%bf and 3.4% protein.

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Arla milk price to stand on for August

No surprise in hearing Arlas member milk price will be a stand on for August with the following standard litre prices manufacturing 33.2ppl, liquid 31.95ppl and for Organic producers manufacturing 41.56ppl and liquid 39.99ppl.

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GDT Auction falls for the 7th consecutive time

Tuesdays GDT Auction saw the average index fall a further 2.9% to average US$3839 tonne making this 7 consecutive price fall. Total sold 22,405 tonnes.

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Record UK milk production is now dropping

May milk production in both the UK and EU was record breaking which for the UK hit 14.91 billion litres (+1.7%) compared to May 2020 (14.5 billion litres).   Total UK milk output to the end of May 2021 is more or less the same as 2020, however according to AHDB Dairy it has dropped in just 6 weeks by 3 million litres a day since early June and on a daily basis is running 2.

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South Caernarfon Creameries (SCC) Co-op announces it’s best year ever

The Co-op has recently announced an excellent set of financials with profits almost doubled in 12 months up from £1.8 million (2019-20) to £3.4m (+90%).   In addition SCC invested £2.2 million of capital into its facilities during the year.   With a healthy operating margin of 5.6% (something UK liquid processors can only fantasize about) the Co-op has decided to distribute to its 136 Farmer supplier members 23.

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0.6ppl South Caernarfan Creameries effective milk price increase

The new bonus (see above) increases producers July manufacturing standard litre price to 30.6ppl and based on a liquid standard litre to 29.58ppl

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Medina and Freshways Merger is live

The two South of England middle ground liquid dairies, Medina and Freshways have finally confirmed they have agreed a merger deal.  The final decision now rests with the UK Competition and Markets Authority, however, for sure it simply must be given the green light in a bid to have one strong sustainable business.   The expectation is that the merged business called Medina Freshways Ltd will process circa 500 million litres of milk annually and employ around 1,000 staff.

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Sainsburys forced to recall its “love your veg” products which contain milk and meat

It appears the mistake happened during labelling and it has caused uproar from Sainsburys Vegan customers, plus others, with the vegan labelled products containing pork, beef and milk ingredients. The recall was made under the instruction of the Food Standards Agency particularly on the grounds that someone with an allergy or intolerance could end up with a health issue.

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Another set of excellent result for First Milk

First Milks annual accounts to year end 31st March 2021 are another set of excellent results which its members should be proud of.   Ten years ago, few would have predicted that First Milks turnaround would have resulted in its member milk price featuring in the top quartile of GB farmgate prices and have a long waiting list of farmers keen to leave their independent milk purchaser to join the Co-Op.

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Saputo to buy Wensleydale Creamery business

Canadian based Saputo, who purchased the Dairy Crest cheese business in early 2019 for £975 million, have today announced they have agreed to purchase the Wensleydale Dairy Products business for £23 million subject to meeting UK regulatory requirements. If all goes to plan the deal will be completed on the 30th of July. Ironically Dairy Crest closed the Wensleydale Creamery in May 1992.

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GDT Average falls by 3.6%

This is a sizeable fall at today’s auction and take the average price below $4,000 to $3924 tonne. Cheddar               down 9.2%          to average $3949 SMP                       down 7.0%          to average $3126 Butter                   down 3.2%          to average $4458 WMP                     down 3.0%          to average $3864 Total tonnage sold 24,278 Next auction Tuesday 20th July.

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0.53ppl milk price increase for Tesco aligned group – from 1st August

This results in a Muller Milk liquid standard litre price of 32.66ppl and for Arla’s members 32.41ppl.

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0.5ppl milk price increase for Wensleydale Creamery (Cheese) suppliers – from 1st July 

This increase takes producers manufacturing standard litre to 29ppl.  

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