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Note, all standard litre prices are those quoted by www.milkprices.com and are based on the following:
The liquid standard litre 4% bf, 3.3% protein, 30,000/ml Bactoscans, 200,000/ml SCC, 1 million litres a year on EODC but before seasonality, monthly profile payments, balancing, B price additions, capital retentions or annual incentive schemes. The manufacturing standard litre is to exactly the same specification with the exception of 4.2%bf and 3.4% protein.

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1ppl milk price increase for Organic Herd

We are pleased to announce that Organic Herd, the leading British farmer-owned cooperative for organic dairy, has confirmed an increase in its Member milk price for July. Starting 1st July 2024, the price will rise by 1ppl, bringing the Organic Herd price to a competitive 51ppl on a standard litre basis. This news is sure to be music to everyone's ears. Sara Ogborne, Organic Herd’s Director of Membership and Communication, commented on the increase: “Our latest price rise reflects the growing demand for our organic milk.

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3ppl litre milk price increase for Freshways from 1st August

Following their 2ppl increase in June this increase results in a standard litre price of 40ppl.

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0.8ppl milk price increase for First Milk from 1st July

Resulting in a manufacturing standard litre price of 40.3ppl. Commenting on the announcement, First Milk farmer director and vice chairman, Mike Smith, said: “This spring has been particularly challenging for many dairy farmers, so it is great that we have been able to deliver this increase in milk price to our members at this difficult time. As always, we will continue to do all we can to maximise member returns in the months ahead.

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1.03ppl Milk Price increase for Barbers Cheese from 1st July

In their June newsletter Barbers Cheese commented: "The current dairy market surge is very much a ‘lack of milk supply’ driven response, the UK and many EU member states continuing to record milk supply levels in deficit vs last year. As a consequence of the resultant market positivity, we are again increasing our milk price, +1.03ppl* to 41.28ppl* for July - being our sixth milk price increase across the first seven months of 2024 (*milkprices.

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1.50ppl Milk Price increase for Leprino Foods from 1st July

Resulting in a base milk price of 39.50ppl for July 2024. In their announcement today Leprino Foods commented: "As we have passed peak milk supply in Europe we are starting to see the impact of reduced milk volumes being reflected in improved prices for the cheese, cream and whey products that we manufacture from your milk supply. We will closely monitor market developments going forward as there continues to be a very delicate balance at present between milk supply and consumer demand and will communicate these to you accordingly".

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1ppl Milk Price increase for Muller from 1st July 2024

Dairy farmers supplying Müller who meet the conditions for Müller Advantage will receive a milk price of 39ppl from 1st July 2024, a 1ppl increase. Richard Collins, Head of Agriculture at Müller Milk & Ingredients said: “We recognise the ongoing pressures that our supplying farmers are facing into. While the market outlook is stable, following a 0.5ppl increase for June, we are pleased to be in a position to increase our farm gate milk price by another 1ppl for July.

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Barbers June Milk Price 

Following their two stage May and June increases announced a month ago, Barbers are pleased to be able to confirm their fifth monthly milk price increase of this year, from June +1.02ppl delivering 40.25ppl at milkprices.com manufacturing league table (BF @ 4.20%/PR @ 3.40%) or 39.15ppl at the Barber’s Standard litre

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Müller confirms 38ppl June farm gate milk price

Dairy farmers supplying Müller who meet the conditions for Müller Advantage will receive a milk price of 38ppl from 1 June 2024, a 0.5ppl increase. The Discretionary Base Price from 1 June 2024 is 37ppl for a standard litre as defined on www.milkprices.com Richard Collins, Head of Agriculture at Müller Milk & Ingredients said: “We recognise the challenges being faced this Spring and will continue to monitor supply and demand in the coming months to ensure we support our supplying farmers.

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2ppl Milk Price increase for Freshways from 1st June

Resulting in a standard litre price of 37ppl and a base price of 35.4ppl.

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Today’s announcement from Arla Arla to stand on for April milk price for conventional and increase for organic milk

From 1 April 2024, the Arla on-account price for conventional milk will remain unchanged and organic milk will increase in the UK by 1.34 ppl (1.5 €c/kg.)   This month we will see the quarterly currency adjustment negatively impact the on-account price by 0.04ppl, which means the UK manufacturing price for conventional milk and organic milk will be 40.02ppl and 48.

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Latest GDT Results down 2.8% (19th March 2024)

Butter down 1.4%, average price US$6,408 tonne Cheddar down 1.9%, average price US$4,192 tonne SMP down 4.8%, average price US$2,517 tonne WMP down 4.2%, average price US$3,143 tonne

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Balancing Act: Government's New Farming Measures Spark Debate Between Food Production and Environmental Conservation – Lydia Clare

In a significant move on 25th March, the government has announced new measures aimed at reaffirming the balance between environmental conservation and food production in farming practices. These measures, unveiled under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), appear to come in response to recent protests by farmers around the country, highlighting concerns over the future of British agriculture.

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