Arla’s marketing team are selling sweet country air in bottles

Posted on: 04/08/20

At first, Ian took a double take on this latest Arla idea, but then realised it might not be such a daft marketing idea and could even catch on.

Arla have produced a limited edition bottle of fresh country air scent to be used with mini fragrance sticks, a promotional idea supported by Ben Fogle, Countryside broadcaster.

Its part of Arla’s marketing plan and this time the message to consumers is that many Arla farmers have changed how they spread slurry and instead of the smell of freshly spread slurry, consumers should smell the fragrance and its combination of country meadows and hedgerows.

A secondary target audience is for the idea to inspire more Arla farmers to think about how they spread their slurry and to consider alternatives to traditional spreading methods.

The promotion is another to raise the profile of the Arla brand with British Consumers and boost its reputation for launching innovative sustainable ideas. Its another piece in the Arla marketing jigsaw, promoting the positive image and stories from Arla farmers to join others including bee and pollinator pit stops and the Magic Breakfast educating school children about modern sustainable dairy farming.

It’s not for sale but given how much these fragrances sell for online, Arla should perhaps explore sales opportunities. It would sort out Mrs P’s Xmas present for sure!