The market the retailers and FFA protests

Posted on: 23/11/21

Spot milk is trading today at 44 to 46ppl however relatively small quantities are changing hands.


There are reports of retailers and some convenience chains beating their chests and flatly refusing to consider claims from processors for cost inflation price increases.

One meeting allegedly took 4 minutes and was basically a NO.  Another ended up with a retailer threatening to delist all the processors branded products.

Well now is the time to be brave.  Let them delist you.  They won’t be able to source alternative milk and dairy products from the UK.  Processors should export the product in one form or another.  Its not that simple but bully boy (and girl) retail buyers need a wake-up call in December.  One wrong attitude or move by a cocky retail negotiator could see them down the job centre and the retailer crying for milk. 

David Handley has given retailers and others until the end of next week, at the latest, to do what is right.  Those who fail will likely see protests disrupt their December deliveries. 

There is clear unrest down on the farm and only a foolish retailer or processor will sit back with a view to riding out what they believe is a storm.

As of December 1st, the Muller Direct liquid standard litre price, Meadow Foods and several others is 30ppl with Arla’s a whopping 5.29ppl (18%) higher and for sure 30p is way below the Kite reports 35p which Arla have now hit, but for sure Arla will know they will have to push further to guarantee continuity of supplies.