Arla sets its target to increase its UK Organic Sales by 50% plus

Posted on: 22/10/21

In contrast to OMSCO’S recent surprise 2ppl farmgate milk price cut covers the news that Arla are holding its organic price and aiming to grow its organic sales by a minimum 50% in only 5 years.  This will mean the Co-ops organic milk requirements will lift from 180 million to 270 million litres year and already a case form an orderly queue as organic producers looking to change, start to bang down the door in Leeds.  However, Arla have not opened the recruitment doors anticipating that most if not all of the additional 90 million litres plus will probably come from its existing members.


Arla will launch its new organic 2.0 promoting standard in January presumably with the aim of Arla’s organic 2.0 credentials which focus on animal welfare, biodiversity, soil health and climate impact.


The new standards will be a challenge to many farmers however, its certain to succeed in the market today, organic needs to up its game which appears to be spearheaded by Arla who are now the worlds largest producer of organic milk.


Compared to the other mainland European Countries the UK has huge organic sales capacity catch up, and Arla intend to seize the market potential.  For example, 12% of Danish food purchases are organic compared to only 1.2% in the UK.