Milk and More doorstep Milk business continues to receive negative feedback

Posted on: 22/10/21

Following from Ian and the Potter offices unfortunate decision to leave Milk and More doorstep delivery in favour of Alkmonton Dairy (see story on our website 02/09/21) comes a worrying number of negative feedbacks on Trust Pilot.


With 3,384 bad reviews and 856 poor and reviews in recent months predominantly coming under the bad category, Patrick Muller and his team have a problem and are likely to be looking gallonage daily.

One Milk and More roundsmen even emailed Ian claiming we had 72 complaints last week and is losing customers but not through his efforts.


Let’s hope M&M can reverse its popularity and address its issues because not everyone switches supplier, with many who are disappointed deciding to drop doorstep completely, at which point they are lost forever.


It comes at a time of a great opportunity for the doorstep delivery sector with customer numbers up 21% compared to 2019 peaking at 670,000 according to banter.  Maybe that’s the problem and M&M are not able to cope with the surge in demand.