0.5 Euro cent milk price increase for Arla members – from 1st October

Posted on: 22/09/21

Arla have declared a 0.5 euro cent milk price increase for both its conventional and organic members from October 1st. Coupled with a 0.13ppl currency adjustment the nett increase is 0.32ppl resulting in the following www.milkprices.com standard litre prices.

                                             Conventional                     Organic

Manufacturing                    32.62ppl                            40.98ppl

Liquid                                    31.39ppl                            39.43ppl


A number of Arla farmers had their fingers crossed for a stand on price announcement following last months downward adjustment so this increase will have surprised many and will certainly be needed.

The increase is due to a combination of factors particularly rising global demand and reduced product availability coupled with European milk output reduction in July.