GDT up another 1% to break the $4,000 tonne mark

Posted on: 21/09/21

Hot on the heels of a whopping 4% average all products increase only two weeks ago comes todays Auction result where average prices rose a further 1% to average US $4011 tonne.

Total sold amounted to 24,476 tonnes slightly down on the 25,093 tonnes sold two weeks ago.

Key movements were:

WMP up 2.2% to average US $3,777 tonne

SMP up 0.9% to average US $3,302 tonne

Cheddar down 1.2% to average US $4,274 tonne

Butter down 1.9% to average US $4,857 tonne

All UK eyes will turn to Arla tomorrow as to whether they hold their member milk price for October deliveries or have to reduce again.