1ppl Milk Price Reduction for Arla Members (Conventional and Organic) – from 1st January

Posted on: 21/12/20

Whilst this reduction is unwelcome at a time of year when it’s supposed to be goodwill to all men (and women) it’s certainly one which hasn’t come as a complete surprise. 

The Covid19 and Brexit combination are the real reasons for this announcement not helped by the fact that milk volumes across the EU are strong and as well as recent falls in Cream and Cheese values. 

Lets hope its not seen as a green light signal for others to follow.

The www.milkprices.com standard litre prices for Arla members from January 1st are as follows: 

                                                      Conventional                                Organic

Manufacturing (-1.08ppl)            29.50ppl                                         37.94ppl 

Liquid                                           28.50ppl                                          36.54ppl