Its Been a Week The Secretary of State George Eustice Will Want to Forget

Posted on: 20/11/20

DEFRA boss George Eustice has had a nightmare of a week. On Sunday, when interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show, he caused a hell of a rumpus with his ill-thought out, and clearly not researched comments regarding imports and exports in a no deal Brexit scenario, and the effect of tariffs on the UK dairy and sheep industries.

In the interview he says Lurpak butter will have to be produced in the UK (which it certainly can't be) or, alternatively, Arla and its flagship brand will face tariffs and lose market share. 35% tariffs wouldn't affect dairy farmers either, he insisted.

If that wasn’t enough today FWI have posted online a follow-up podcast interview with Johann Tasker and Mr Eustice, in which he digs yet another hole for himself and which will result in all Arla farmers having another double take and questioning a) what planet he is actually on or b) who on earth is advising him. In this interview, he suggests Arla could bring out an 'Anchor Lite' brand in silver wrappers with a strap line “I can't believe it's not Lurpak”. Dear, oh dear. 

Rarely has an expression "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it" been so true.