Dairy Farmer complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Posted on: 08/10/20

Full marks to the farmer who has just lodged a complaint with the ASA about the current Quorn TV advertisement. 

He took exception to the line “If you care about the climate, choose Quorn” 

He correctly informed the ASA that the claim lacked supporting evidence to back up the claim together with the fact no mention was made as to what eating Quorn would achieve or indeed how consumers would be able to recognise how eating Quorn had made a difference. 

The ASA have recognised the complaint and have stated:

“We will keep a record of it on our system and take your views into account if we receive more complaints about this similar issues” 

So if any readers see the advertisement and take a similar view, please contact the ASA because the process is simple and if enough complaints are registered the advert will have to be pulled. All you need is the date you saw the advert and why you feel it contains flawed claims.