AMPE and MCVE climb higher

Posted on: 04/09/18

AMPE is up +4.4% from July to 33.6ppl and MCVE + 0.6% to 33.6ppl (see above).  In addition, AHDB Dairy report that Cream income is now worth 13.09ppl to a liquid processor.

During August AHDB report increases in wholesale prices for cream, butter and SMP all mainly weather driven, which is making traders nervous, especially over possible declines in winter milk production which all farmers are anticipating and by the time the trade realise its happening nothing they do will reverse the decline!

AHDB are anticipating further small farm gate milk price increases up to and including November based on the current milk market value (a weighted average of AMPE & MCVE). That may be what the number crunching suggests but it’s certainly not what a large number of GB milk processors are budgeting for with most aiming to hold prices.