1.33ppl milk price reduction for Arla members – from 1st January

Posted on: 21/12/18

This results in standard manufacturing litre price of 30.24ppl and based on a standard liquid litre 29.06ppl.  These two prices include the positive 0.02ppl quarterly currency smoothing adjustment which impacts on the Arla member organic milk price resulting in the organic standard liquid litre price for January 42.72ppl and the manufacturing standard litre price of 44.45ppl.

Arla comment that “The outlook for the milk price for the coming months seems somewhat stable.”  This could be cautiously optimistically interpreted that there is a real possibility this will be the final Arla milk price reduction.  For sure, if this materialises and Arla members can move into spring at these levels it will be a great result and is sure to put pressure on others to follow suit with stable or increasing prices.